We have arrived!  The Hole in the Wall is even more spectacular in person. Located in South Africa's Eastern Cape this rocky archway was formed millions of years ago through the action of waves pounding against sandstone and shale.   There is also a local legend that a young woman fell in love with a mythical man of the sea,  The man, with the help of a giant fish, rammed a hole in the rock so he could be with her. 

Our Boto man's love of the sea has just been intensified by this magical place.  He is strutting his moves in his Cabo 5" adorned with pink angelfish.  The shortest swim trunk in the collection allows him to move freely while showing a bit more leg.  The ultra soft pouch lining and elasticized waist provide much appreciated support and comfort.  Venture boldly.

May 24, 2021 — Michael McFadden