For Boto and our customers environmentalism has always been a core value.   We believe that it is our shared responsibility to protect our planet and its natural resources to be enjoyed now and for future generations.   Our 1% For the Planet membership allows us to formalize our commitment to environmental stewardship.   When people wear their Boto shorts at the pool, the beach, or wherever their journey takes them they know they are contributing to help the planet 1% at a time.  



Our founder, Michael McFadden, loves to spend time at the beach and in the sea with his wife and two children.  As the environmental situation continues to digress Michael has promised his kids that Boto will do its part to help protect the Oceans for generations to come.   Boto is partnering with Plastic Oceans to educate and raise awareness of the devastating effects of single use plastic to our oceans.  Boto is committed to inspire transformative change across the country to stop the 8 million tons of plastic that enter our oceans every year.  Aside from education, Plastic Oceans also organizes shoreline cleanups and creates solutions for collected plastic.